Welded Aluminum AWNINGS

If you need a robust awning—small or large–to brave the elements 365 days a year, there’s nothing sturdier than a welded frame awning. We can custom build any size or shape frame to fit your structure, and cover it with virtually any color, pattern or fabric material—including any company logos or graphic designs. All of our fixed stationary awnings pass rigorous engineering standards for snow and wind loads.

Welded aluminum awnings offer a bit more design flexibility. Aluminum especially lends itself to formation of popular concave, convex, dome and other rounded frame styles. We will also custom build any style and size aluminum frame, and offer a vast array of fabric styles, patterns and colors, including custom graphics. We also install staple-on style awnings, offering virtual thread-free durability. Let us help you select the awning or canopy design that works best for you.



With the flip of a switch, outdoor living feels like indoor living. With motorized and manually retractable awnings and screens, sun and wind can be managed to enjoy the best of the outdoors. Screens and awnings can inexpensively expand seating and capacity, extending the daily hours and seasonal opportunities to increase the available business footprint.



Awnings emblazoned with your company logo or custom graphics are a great way to enhance your company’s branding. We can apply virtually any graphic image you want. In fact, we’re the only company in Portland that has the SGS 100 Graphics Machine that can weld electro-static graphic film to Sunbrella awning fabrics. Utilizing 3M™ Scotchcal™ ElectroCut™ graphic film, we can create any custom design or logo you want. This state-of-the-art system creates beautiful and lasting graphic images for your commercial awning or canopy. Because we have this equipment in house, we don’t have outsource like everyone else, saving time and money.




We always want our places of business to look crisp and sharp. We can’t afford worn-out awnings. Simple fabric recovering makes most awnings and canopies look like new. If we originally installed your awnings, chances are we already have records of all material specifications and dimensions, and can recover your awning more promptly without having to take it down to re-measure. The same is true even if you want different fabric. We also belong to the International Fabrics Association, which give us access to their huge database of fabrics to help us locate hard-to-find fabric patterns. We can also add a logo or graphics, and/or economical snap-on valances. In addition to recovers, we also offer full repair, cleaning and maintenance services to extend the life of your awning.



Pipeframe AwningS

Pipe frame awnings are a charming and simple type of awning and have been successfully used for 100’s of years. The frame is simply constructed using galvanized pipe cut and threaded to order specifications. We then custom sew a cover using the chosen fabric, often Sunbrella but we offer a large variety of other well known and proven fabrics. Once covered These frames can be fixed or rope pull up. Rope pull up awnings are great for the Pacific NW as they can be pulled up and cleated off in the winter to allow the sunlight in and then dropped back down in the spring.



Maintenance & Repair

Rose City Awning makes beautiful and durable awnings, shades, and shelters. But the seasons in Portland and the Pacific Northwest are rough. With the accumulation of dust, dirt, and mold…our awnings don’t retain their beauty without regular cleaning.

No one knows our product better than we, so no one knows better how to clean and maintain it than we do. RCA and our customers share a vested interest in ensuring our products look their best.

Please give us the opportunity to inspect, clean, and maintain your awnings or canopies. Contact us for details.



Every job requires customization. But beyond that we love to work on special projects. We work with builders, location owners, and people that need something out-of-the-box. We help with a wide range of custom work, such as; shade sails, canopies, industrial curtains, and tarps. We are masters with fabric and enjoy a challenge and a chance to be creative.