Retractable Awnings

One of the best ways to extend the living area of your home is to add a retractable awning to your deck or patio. Attached to the outside of your home, they open when you want shade, and retract when you don’t. And even when you’re not outdoors, the large canopy of shade they create provides additional cooling sun protection inside of your home. Retractable awning frames come in a variety of sizes and colors, plus a multitude of fabric choices. We have numerous options to achieve your outdoor living goals. You can also add features like remote control, or even a wind sensor that will automatically retract the residential awning when it gets too windy.

WELDED Stationary Awnings

The sturdy welded construction of stationary awnings make them particularly good for covering entryways and other areas where you want a fixed structure for permanent coverage. We can weld and shape the aluminum frames to fit any space and many elegant styles. Further customized with a vast selection of awning fabrics and pattern colors, your stationary awning design options are virtually unlimited. We also install staple-on style awnings, which offer nearly total thread-free durability. 


Pipe frame awnings are a common type of awning and have been successfully used for 100’s of years. The frame is simply constructed using galvanized pipe, cut and threaded to order specifications. We then custom sew a cover using the chosen fabric, often Sunbrella but we offer a large variety of other well known and proven fabrics. Rope pull-up awnings are great for the Pacific NW, as they can be raised and cleated off in Winter to allow the sunlight in, and then dropped back down for Summer shade.


The exterior screen market has exploded over the past ten years. We now know how much more effective screening on the outside of the glass is versus on the inside. The heat reduction alone is estimated to be 85% better, mounted outside than inside. Maintain your views and reduce unwanted solar heating using some of the premier mesh fabrics like Texaline, Phiefer, Nano, and Sunshadow.

Why do we love solar shades? Let us count the ways. They screen harmful UV rays that fade carpet and furniture. They cut glare that washes out TV and computer screens and causes eye strain. They save energy and reduce cooling costs in the hot months and lessen heat loss during cold months. They’re easily rolled up whenever you desire more light. They enhance the overall comfort of your dwelling, and they promote a stylish, contemporary look in an array of colors to match your decor. Whether manually raised and lowered by a rope, or gear or motor operated, exterior drop curtains offer exceptional sun protection and privacy. Mounted 6-8 inches in front of windows promotes air flow to keep the glass cool while the vinyl-coated polyester mesh blocks up to 95% of the sun’s rays. For even more protection, Sunbrella 100% acrylic coated fabric blocks 100% of the UV rays. Rope operated curtains have wood-weighted bottoms with a cleat tie-down. Motorized curtains come with remote control, or manually operated, with or without cable side supports, or weighted bottoms. All residential drop curtains are custom built to fit perfectly.